Cradle Nursery - Quality plants at great prices
        We post our plants on Mondays and Tuesdays only, to ensure that they do not sit in the post over the weekend.
Due to Australia post postage increases as of April 1st, we have modified our postage brackets and costs to cover the increase. Please be aware that the postage cost also helps to subsidise packing materials, petrol costs to town and labour costs.
Purchase Amount              Shipping Cost
$0-$19.99                            $8.00
$20-$59.99                          $14.00
$60-$149.99                        $25.00
$150 +                                $30.00
        If you are one of our local market customers, send me an e-mail and we will remove the postage charge- we will just bring your plants to the next market
        All plants are sent bare-rooted. If possible we will send plants with good root systems, however, if we have a run on some plants you may receive a cutting without roots. If this happens, just pot it up (not too deep), and use some skewers to hold it in place until its root system forms.

Postage + Conditions of Sale:
* Cradle Nursery (as the supplier) does NOT take responsibility for any of the following occurances to the purchaser:
- If the parcel is lost in transit, provided proof of postage is provided by the supplier. Postage insurance can be requested and a small fee will be charged to accomodate this if the purchaser requests it.
- If the parcel is lost due to an incorrect address in the purchasers paypal information (or information provided by any other means to the supplier), as this is the address used to send the parcel by the supplier to the purchaser
Thank you for your understanding